Deliver intelligent, secure digital experiences

Instart DX Cloud Web provides personalized content and delivery optimizations and powerful protection against sophisticated cyberattacks to ensure a fast, reliable, and secure website.

DX Cloud Web

Improve the performance, reliability, and security of your website

Instart DX Cloud Web is designed for modern websites, and continuously works to keep your website fast, while preventing attackers from gaining access to sensitive customer data. DX Cloud Web provides continuous insights and context-aware controls to seamlessly connect users and applications. AI-Driven optimizations for all content types improve delivery for both static and dynamic pages.

With DX Cloud Web you get

WAF and DDoS

Powerful attack analytics, custom security rules, advanced rate limiting, DDoS protection, and managed security

Bot Protection

Sophisticated client-side verification, Bot DDoS prevention, and a mobile SDK to protect mobile apps

Web Performance

AI-Driven performance for dynamic HTML, JavaScript code and Images

Global CDN

A high performance, scalable global CDN with advanced caching, network acceleration, and edge logic and services

Analytics & Self-Service

Broad self-service rules, reporting, and public APIs

Concierge Service

Dedicated 24/7/365 support and expertise whenever you need it

Intelligence and automation for your website

Protect sensitive data

DX Cloud Web uses battle-tested WAF and DDoS protection to keep your website running no matter what. Real-time, closed-loop security event reporting and rule creation allow you to stay ahead of any attack all from within one tool.

Identify & fight bots

Leverage DX Cloud Web’s advanced browser and client validation to differentiate even the most sophisticated bot attack from a real human. Intelligence is gathered from signals collected on the device and in the cloud to provide advanced fingerprinting for blocking bot traffic.

Deliver fast, dynamic experiences

DX Cloud Web employs automated code and content optimizations to increase the performance of static and dynamic content. Reduce page load times by caching static parts of dynamic HTML pages to allow them to render sooner, and optimizing images with AI driven image classification and compression.

Enable advanced caching

Using our worldwide caching and delivery network with POPs in every major population center and network optimizations across the first, middle and last mile, DX Cloud Web makes it easy to reduce transit times. Our advanced edge logic capabilities allows you to route requests, prioritize users, and implement custom business logic.

Control the digital experience

DX Cloud Web provides a self-service portal that gives you full visibility and control at the point of experience. Using robust APIs, you’ll have continuous insights related to performance, reliability, and security right at your fingertips.