Instart Web Performance

Optimize dynamic web pages with a global CDN and other performance technologies

Instart Web Performance provides automated app delivery optimization to ensure fast, reliable web apps.

Improve the performance of your web app

Instart Web Performance is designed for modern websites and web apps, continuously working to keep everything fast and reliable. Web Performance provides real-time insights and context-aware controls to seamlessly connect users and applications. AI-driven optimization for all content types improve delivery for both static and dynamic pages.

Intelligence and automation for your web app

Deliver fast, dynamic experiences

Web Performance employs automated code and content optimizations to increase the performance of static and dynamic content. Reduce image weight by automatically applying the correct image compression level and format and improve page speed by caching static parts of HTML pages to allow them to render before dynamic content returns from the origin.

Enable advanced caching

Web Performance makes it easy to reduce transit times using our worldwide caching and delivery network with POPs in every major population center and first, middle and last mile optimizations. Our advanced edge logic capabilities allow you to route requests, prioritize users, and implement custom business logic.

Control the digital experience

Web Performance provides a self-service portal that gives you full visibility and control at the point of experience. Using robust APIs, you’ll have continuous insights related to performance, reliability, and security right at your fingertips.

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