Intelligent CDN

Instart Web Performance comes with a worldwide, scalable delivery infrastructure to support your website.

The first intelligently automated enterprise CDN

The Instart Intelligent CDN is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a modern website — now and into the future. The main challenge of delivering amazing web experiences has evolved from middle mile connectivity problems to meeting the needs of thousands of device types, connections, and services that make up the digital experiences of your customers. Our worldwide caching and delivery network easily connects your content with customers all over the world, which can scale to grow with your needs.

Edge logic and services

Extend the control and functionality of your website by running advanced routing, prioritization, and business logic from the edge. Edge redirection and user prioritization improve performance and reliability during heavy load. Layer 7 routing rules allow you to route to multi-origin and microservice architectures easily.

Global network acceleration

Instart Intelligent CDN improves the network performance between your origin and your customers through advanced optimizations and purpose-built protocols. Content is automatically compressed depending on a specific endpoints capabilities and all of the latest protocols are leveraged: HTTP/2, TLS1.3, and Zero-RTT.

Advanced caching

Simple to complex caching rules can be created based on criteria like headers, cookies, geography, device, browser, OS and more. With Instart, tiered caching can be enacted to offload origin pressure, and you can purge caches in seconds via API or in the Instart Portal.

Scalable, global CDN

Instart Global CDN scales as your business grows with over 80 points of presence in every major population center in the world.

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