HTML Streaming

Instart Web Performance improves the performance of your dynamic HTML pages for faster web experiences.

Dynamic content without the penalty

Instart Web Performance helps improve the performance of dynamic HTML pages that require a return trip to the origin before being rendered in a customer’s browser. With HTML Streaming, the static parts of a dynamic page that don’t actually change with every request — typically static HTML, CSS, and API calls — are cached on the Instart edge and served first when a customer requests that page. At the same time, the request continues to the origin where the dynamic parts of the page are generated. Once the dynamic content is returned, Instart uses HTML Streaming to seamlessly stitch the page together. The result is a dramatically faster experience for dynamic HTML pages.

Dynamic HTML performance

Serve personalized, dynamic pages without suffering the penalty of non-cached performance.

Faster TTFB

HTML Streaming provides ‘cached-like’ performance for the static portions of the page, like the HEAD section, letting the browser start rendering the DOM and kicking off APIs sooner.


As HTML Streaming continues to work, it is able to understand which specific parts of your pages are actually static, and which are dynamic, improving the hit ratio over time.

Advanced analytics

See breakdowns of how HTML Streaming is delivering better performance for your dynamic HTML pages and how often the cache for static portions are requested.

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