Image optimization

Instart Web Performance leverages image optimization to serve visually stunning images as fast as possible.

Automatically compress and transcode images

Instart Image Optimization automatically compresses and transcodes all images that flow through our service to improve page loading times and improve the visual quality of images. Image Optimization uses an intelligent image classification system that uses machine learning to determine the image type and the amount of compression that is possible before visual quality is degraded — drastically reducing bandwidth requirements. Instart is then able to transcode the image into the correct format depending on what browser the image is going to — WebP for Chrome, for example. Image Optimization ensures that images are served as fast as possible while maintaining visual quality.

Automatic transcoding

Instart Image Optimization automatically converts images into the correct format for the browser they will be rendered in.

AI-driven classification

Machine learning algorithms automatically classify images into categories to determine the image type — portrait, landscape, text, etc. — to apply the maximum compression level.

Maximum visual quality

Based on the image classification, Image Optimization compresses images to the smallest possible size before any visual artifacts are generated that are detectable by the human eye.

Streamlined workflows

Instart is able to automatically compress and transcode images — all your creative team has to do is upload and maintain one high-quality image file. There is no need to manually compress and transcode multiple versions of the same image.

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