JavaScript streaming

Instart Web Performance optimizes first-party JavaScript to accelerate web performance.

Only deliver the JavaScript you need

Instart Web Performance improves the performance of your websites by optimizing your first-party JavaScript. JavaScript Streaming analyzes and optimizes first party JavaScript to reduce the size of the file being sent down to the browser. As customers interact with your website, Instart determines which function calls are actually being used, and which are not needed. Instart then creates an optimized JavaScript file which only includes the frequently used functions. If a customer happens to trigger an action that requires an infrequently used call, Instart streams the specific JavaScript down from our edge.

Optimized JavaScript

Rather than sending all function calls for all libraries included in your application, JavaScript Streaming creates an optimized version of your JavaScript file that includes only the most frequently used function calls.

Faster performance

By only sending the most commonly used function calls, the overall JavaScript file is smaller and can load and execute sooner, speeding up page load times.

No manual intervention

JavaScript streaming frees engineering teams from having to manually audit JavaScript code and determine which parts of the libraries are actually used.


As customers load your JavaScript, Instart automatically catalogs which function calls are actually consumed in the browser, and continuously updates the optimized JavaScript file.

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