Analytics and self-service

Instart Web Performance provides broad self-service rules, reporting, and public APIs to control every aspect of Instart.

Intuitive controls and powerful APIs

Instart Web Performance is automated, easy to operate, and complements your existing workflows. You can purge the cache, apply image compression and transcoding, or block sophisticated bot attacks right from the Instart Portal or using our broad suite of APIs. Test configuration changes in a self-deployed staging environment to ensure correct operation. Real-time analytics collected client-side or on the edge come together in the portal to help create service rules, respond to attacks, and improve website performance.

Conditional rules

Create service rules based on a wide set of device, location and request criteria in a simple to use rule builder. Rules can apply caching and routing logic, performance features, or blocking and rate-limiting for attacks.

Public APIs

The entire Instart Portal is built on top of public APIs — everything you control in our portal can also be controlled using a RESTful API.

Staging environment

Our easy-to-deploy staging environment allows you to test all configuration changes in a safe and robust manner. Your current production configurations can be easily duplicated, and staging configurations can be deployed to production with the flip of a switch.

Real-time analytics

Web Performance collects and brings together extensive signals around performance, security, and delivery in the Instart Portal to help create robust rules.

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