Instart Web Security

Secure your web apps and APIs with cloud-based WAF and DDoS prevention

Instart Web Security prevents sophisticated cyber attacks like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection (SQLi), and more.

Improve the security and availability of your web apps

Instart Web Security is designed to secure your web apps from the dangers of the public web. All entry points into your application servers, whether it be your website, your APIs, or your web apps can be protected and secured with Instart Web Security. Instart provides protection across the entire traffic path for your application — from inside the browser where customers and attackers interact with your site, to the edge, all the way to your cloud or physical application infrastructure. The result is end-to-end protection for your web apps that is capable of preventing even the most sophisticated attack from taking down your site or gaining access to sensitive data.

Don’t let attackers impact your business

Stop sophisticated attacks

Instart Web Security combines an intelligent edge with powerful insights from the browser to detect and stop even the most sophisticated attacks. Our unique architecture gives full control to inspect, block, or rate limit all traffic before it reaches your origin.

Never worry about downtime

Instart maintains a layered approach to DDoS protection from our massive, globally distributed network. All requests terminate on our edge to prevent direct access before continuing on to your origin, which is shielded from the public web. From there, all traffic is scrubbed and only valid HTTP/HTTPS and DNS traffic are allowed into Instart. The result is unmatched protection against DDoS attacks.

Go beyond the OWASP Top 10

Instart Web Security provides more than just coverage for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. With our custom security rules, you have the ability to react and respond to any attack in real time, and block or rate limit suspicious activity.

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