Closed-loop attack visualization and prevention

Instart Web Security allows you to easily react and respond to attacks in real time to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

One tool to stop them all

Instart Web Security provides closed-loop attack visualization and response to quickly react to attacks in real time and stop them. Quickly analyze and mitigate attacks with simple workflows right from the Instart Portal. See detailed security events — segmented down to specific IPs, user agents, and geographies — and then create custom security rules with those same criteria. Deploy rules in warn mode to confirm the attack will be mitigated before blocking traffic.

Detailed security events

See extremely detailed security event information to easily build specific security rules to stop attacks. Drill down into specific IPs, user-agents, ASNs, browsers, or geographies to pinpoint attacks.

Aggregate trends

Overview of all security events collected by Instart to see attack trends overtime, layered by specific security event details.

Conditional rules

Configure new security rules to stop attacks with a simple visual rule builder using the event specifics from the security rules.

Warn and block mode

Create rules in warn mode to test functionality before flipping the switch to block attacks.

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