Cloud-based WAF protection

Instart Web Security provides cloud-based WAF to detect and block attacks against your web applications.

Comprehensive protection for your website

Instart WAF provides cloud-based end-to-end security for your entire web environment to stop highly sophisticated application layer attacks. Our WAF provides out-of-the-box coverage for the OWASP Top 10, as well as customizable protection for advanced attacks. Instart WAF is cloud-based, so deployment can happen easily wherever your applications live and provide inspection with the lowest possible latency. All security event details are collected and aggregated, helping to improve the detection accuracy of all your rules.


Instart WAF is easy to deploy in front of all of your web apps whether transitioning off physical appliances or protecting cloud deployed workloads.


Instart has a long history in web performance that is built into everything we do. Our Cloud WAF has been optimized and tuned to keep your website secure, ensuring protection while maintaining performance.

OWASP coverage and more

Instart WAF provides coverage for the top 10 most critical web application vulnerabilities and security risks outlined by OWASP. In addition, Instart WAF allows for easy customization to protect against attacks.

Anomaly scoring system

Instart WAF chains together the results of multiple rules and only takes a block action after reaching a tunable threshold — reducing false positives and improving detection accuracy.

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