Three years after launching in 2010, the IFTTT team was hitting a critical inflection point for its web performance. Each Recipe in the application required that IFTTT call up a set of images such as two company logos (i.e. Facebook and Gmail).

Each Recipe image also contained the number of times it had been deployed by users. Keeping the Recipe use tally current, however, often meant updating these Recipe images 10 or even 20 times per day. Flushing a cached image on a legacy CDN at high frequency wasn’t a possibility.

Read this case study to learn how Instart helped IFTTT to accelerate personalized collections of images and highly dynamic content.

"Thanks to Instart, the images load much more quickly, so users can interact with the IFTTT application much faster — something we noticed right away after turning on the service."

Linden Tibbets
Founder and CEO, IFTTT