Violet Grey

Launching a new business is a challenge, especially in the luxury market. Quality. Perfection. Impeccable service. They’re each a must to capture —and keep — clientele.Just ask VIOLET GREY, a luxury content and commerce beauty company launched in 2012. They have a unique niche — two, in fact. First, they offer a compelling glimpse into Hollywood beauty culture through the written word and a modern editorial lens. Then, take that up a notch with a tightly edited curation of beauty products handpicked by their discerning community of artists and stars. This requires top-of-the-line everything.

Read this case study to learn how Instart helped Violet Grey take their page load time to under five seconds — down from 16 seconds.

"I’m most impressed with Instart’s image compressions techniques. Our images are 500 KB to 1 megabyte with an average of 50 flows per page. Previously, a full load took 16 seconds. Instart got us down to under five seconds. This is a significant gain."

Ali Khan, VP of Technology, VIOLET GREY