Security services

Web application security shouldn’t start or finish at the edge

Instart security services protect the origin, the client, and everything in between to provide complete security for your web applications.

Your web applications need comprehensive security to fight today's complex threats.

The Instart web app and API protection (WAAP) platform provides a single, complete cloud-based solution for true application security. This includes security at the browser through script protection, security at the origin and edge through WAF and DDoS protection, and security against malicious bots, through bot management.

This is complemented by our unified threat intelligence which ensures our customers' applications are always protected against the latest threat vectors. Together, this solution helps brands deliver the amazing web experience their customers love.

Web application and API exploits are one of the leading vectors for data breaches, lost revenue, and brand damage. Organizations with a large web presence battle more than just malicious traffic aiming to bring down their apps. They face sophisticated bots working to hurt their brand, browser-based threats that are targeting consumers through exploitable third-party code, and privacy regulations that penalize them for compromised customer information. Each of these threats require distinctly different protection, each with its own detection and remediation methods in order to mitigate the ever-evolving attack types.

Modern application attack landscape

A modern approach to securing web and cloud apps

The last two decades have been spent protecting physical infrastructure and servers from unauthorized access, passing all traffic through on-premises security appliances. This model worked when every piece of code delivered to a user, and all application functionality, lived within the walls of the data-center. Today’s applications are rich and immersive, browsers are complex, and traditional security models no longer work.

Instart’s cloud services for security protect some of the world’s largest brands from malicious threats to their web applications. The Instart WAAP platform brings delivers DDoS protection, WAF functionality,  Bot management and JavaScript tag control, unified with a single, powerful rules engine, comprehensive management framework and world-class managed services, protecting assets from the origin to the browser.

DDoS protection

Industry-leading DDoS protection through cutting-edge intelligent technology and a global-scalable, cloud-based proxy

Web application firewall

Cloud-based, performance-focused WAF delivering capabilities to prevent attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site-scripting

Bot management

Unique, agentless capabilities enable the detection and management of even the most sophisticated bots

JavaScript tag control

Monitor and control which elements or form fields within HTML documents 3rd party JavaScripts can access from

World-class threat intelligence

Underpinning the strong portfolio of technology capabilities is Instart’s unified threat intelligence which combines multiple automated techniques, such as honeypots and third-party threat feeds to detect various cyberattacks. Instart leverages vast amounts of data from its expansive customer base and applies environment learning to automatically update rules and respond to new and emerging threats.

Access to leading security experts

Instart Managed Security Services, which provides a team of proactive security experts to help customers with implementation, rule creation, and incident response. Instart’s resources have both access to and experience with some of the worlds most complex environments and the attacks they face. This exposure is leveraged constantly by our customer base to ensure they have the very best protection.

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