End-to-end Platform

End-to-end Platform That Ends Tradeoffs

Instart's innovative end-to-end platform provides a completely new way to accelerate web and mobile application delivery across any device and all wireless networks. Put an end to the limitations you experience with your content delivery network. Move to the ultimate website and mobile application performance, security and control.

Transparent On-the-fly Customization for the Best Experience

Instart architecture virtualizes applications in the browser. Extending our service transparently into the end user’s browser forms the active client portion of our dual-sided platform without any end user intervention, notification, or involvement in the process.

Virtualization for Instant Performance

Our client-side Nanovisor is a patented technology that intercepts standard browser API calls without any changes to the webpage or the browser. Clients easily understand the load sequence of web pages, control resource access and enable streamed fragments from the cloud to instantly be visible inside the end user’s browser.

The Nanovisor is added automatically as a standard JavaScript reference in the HTML page HEAD, making the integration process easy – no need for browser plug-ins or changes in the website or web application code. The result is a smart system that learns how to deliver web and application content faster and better, the more it is used.