Leveraging the Power of Modern Browsers With Web Application Virtualization

The client portion of the Instart Logic service is based on a novel new technology we invented called web application virtualization. This allows our service to extend itself transparently into the end user’s browser and form the active client portion of our dual-sided platform.

This web application virtualization technology is made possible by a thin JavaScript virtualization layer we developed called the Nanovisor.

This virtualization layer sits between the browser’s standard APIs and the running website or web application. This virtualization layer is then able to intercept standard browser API calls without any changes to the web page or the browser. By intercepting these browser API calls, the client is able to understand the load sequence of web pages and able to control resource access and enable streamed fragments from the cloud to be re-assembled inside the end user’s browser for local execution and display.

The Nanovisor, a Transparent, Active Client Automatically Injected By the Service

The Nanovisor library is written entirely in JavaScript, the code already universally understood by all web browsers. As a result it allows our service to extend itself transparently into the end user’s browser without any end user intervention, notification, or involvement in the process.

The Nanovisor library is added automatically as a standard script tag in HTML much the same way as other third-party libraries such as Google Analytics would be added to a site. This script tag is automatically added to HTML pages as they are delivered through our service, which makes the integration process easy, as it removes any need for changes in the website or web application code.