Interproxy Transport Protocol

An Innovative Distributed Systems and Networking Layer

Instart Logic has developed a new communications protocol, IPTP (Interproxy transport protocol), to allow for ultra-efficient communications between its delivery locations. IPTP forms a key component of the advanced network optimizations.

Traditional web delivery systems play simple tricks with HTTP and HTTPS over the middle mile of the Internet. By contrast, once dynamic assets enter the Instart Logic network, they are carried across the middle mile on a new purpose-built binary protocol invented specifically for inter-proxy transmissions. It was invented by Instart Logic researchers and engineers to overcome the inefficiencies of TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS over global distances. We do this by setting up a persistent matrix of ramped-up IPTP connections between Instart Logic serving locations, and then efficiently frame and multiplex dynamic transfers through it. IPTP is implemented using Google’s protobuf technology. Google uses protobuf extensively for implementing its own internal communication protocols and open-sourced the technology a few years ago.

Not only is IPTP built for maximum efficiency and low overhead, but it will also allow for future expandability. It is designed to allow for accelerating emerging protocols such as SPDY, WebSockets, and WebRTC in the future across the middle mile of the Instart Logic service.