Helios Technology

Advanced web Security Anomaly Detection

Helios is a new technology that analyzes data from web access and security logs to find anomalies and recommend security policy changes to secure the website.

What does Helios do?

Unknown web attacks have no existing signature or policy that would block them, and therefore go undetected. They always leave a trace in the logs, but the sheer amount of log data makes it difficult to discover these threats

Helios Intelligent Rule Recommender is an engine that uses artificial intelligence to analyze logs and uncover anomalies in them that could indicate an attack. Based on statistical analysis, Helios learns which logged events appear to be anomalous. It then ranks the data and flags it for security analysts' further inspection.

Helios benefits include:

  • Reduced time-to-discovery of as-yet unknown attacks
  • Analyzes 24 hours (hundreds of gigabytes of data) of logs in less than 5 minutes.
  • Automated - no initial labels or engine training needed.
  • Helios gets smarter with human interaction — it learns and improves in its next round of recommendations.

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