Mobile First

Architected with a Mobile-First Approach

Performance is one of the most important attributes of a responsive web or mobile site. This mobile shopping revolution has seen an increasing number of consumers that are “always-on.” Businesses need to be optimized instantly for any network or device instantly.

CDNs were designed in the pre-mobile era and they don’t address improving performance for mobile users. Instart was architected with the mobile user in mind. Our endpoint-aware application delivery solution utilizes machine learning and application virtualization to intelligently optimize web and application delivery for any device, network and content to ensure the best experience. Our ability to make runtime optimizations and our full-featured CDN allows us to handle these mobile challenges.

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Reducing User Abandonment - Improving Retention With Better Mobile Performance

The eBook examines:

  • How long users are willing to wait for content
  • How complexities of mobile ecosystems affect application performance
  • How poor performance leads to user abandonment, loss of revenue and negative reviews
  • How Mobile Application Acceleration can help improve mobile user experience

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