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3 reasons to protect your website against bad bots

“IT leaders love automated credential stuffing attacks” Said no one ever

IT leaders know that protecting their visitors and their website is only getting harder. Every online customer touchpoint is under attack by automated bots — disrupting traffic, stealing sensitive information, and ruining web experiences. But how do you detect automated bots? These days it is extremely common to see globally distributed botnets that look and act human, but are they actually conducting fraud or attacks against your web app without you knowing?

Join Instart’s VP of Technology, Peter Blum, in the second episode of our Web App Security Expert Webinar Series to discuss bot detection and mitigation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The true threat of bad bots
  • How bots impact your web performance and security
  • How to detect and mitigate malicious bot attacks
  • How Instart helps protect against bad bots
Peter Blum

VP of Technology, Instart