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5 steps to secure your web apps against top web security attacks

36 minutesWeb security

“IT leaders love web app vulnerabilities” — Said no one ever

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum ranked cyberattacks and data breaches as one of the greatest threats of 2019, alongside climate change and weapons of mass destruction. In today’s world, it’s no longer a question of whether a breach will occur — just when it will happen and whether you’re properly prepared to manage it.

Join Instart’s Technologist, Jon Wallace, in the first episode of our Web App Security Expert webinar series to discuss the five steps you can take to secure your web apps against today’s top security threats.

You’ll learn about the:

  • Top four key recent web application attack trends
  • State of the modern web application
  • Five steps to secure your web apps
  • How Instart protects your web apps from the origin to the browser
Jon Wallace

Technologist, Instart