On-demand webinar

7 common web application security attacks and what you can do to prevent them

Join Instart Technologist, Jon Wallace, to learn about the 7 most common website and web application attacks and how you can prevent them with the right preparation.

Anyone who operates a website should be concerned about security, especially the security of your sensitive customer information - this much should be obvious to you by now. However, unless you keep an ear to the ground about security news, it is often only the most high profile or sophisticated attacks that you actually hear about. The reality is that common, low level attacks are executed every single day against websites and web applications. There is a reason the OWASP top 10 hasn’t changed in years. The good news is these types of attacks are preventable with the right preparation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What motivates hackers
  • What makes an application a target
  • What are the 7 most common website and web application attacks
  • How you should protect your assets


Jon Wallace

Technologist, Instart