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Don’t let your security tools hinder web performance

“IT leaders love added latency from security tools” — Said no one ever

According to ZK Research 58% of security professionals turn off security features in order to maintain web performance. With customer expectations as high as ever, it is important to architect your security tools in a way that can improve security and performance. Cloud-based solutions are one approach, but not all cloud-based security services are equal.

Join Andy Wyatt, Sr. Technologist at Instart in the 3rd episode of our Web App Security Expert Webinar Series, and learn about:

  • The unique security and performance demands of cloud-based web apps
  • How cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect
  • Why security should never be sacrificed for performance
  • How Instart helps improve web application security and performance
Andy Wyatt

Sr. Technologist, Instart