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Don’t let your security tools hinder web performance

30 minutesPerformance

“IT leaders love added latency from security tools” — Said no one ever

According to ZK Research 58% of security professionals turn off security features in order to maintain web performance. With customer expectations as high as ever, it is important to architect your security tools in a way that can improve security and performance. Cloud application security solutions are one approach, but not all cloud security services are equal.

Join Andy Wyatt, Sr. Technologist at Instart in the 3rd episode of our Web App Security Expert Webinar Series, and learn about:

  • The unique security and performance demands of cloud-based web apps
  • How cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect
  • Why security should never be sacrificed for performance
  • How Instart helps improve web application security without sacrificing performance
Andy Wyatt

Sr. Technologist, Instart