On-demand webinar

Instart and guest Forrester Research: Staying ahead of the security challenges of modern web apps

Join our guest, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research, Amy DeMartine, and Chief Customer Officer at Instart, Mitch Parker, to learn how you should be thinking about web app security as the web continues to evolve.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the changing threat landscape of modern web apps, and where your security teams should be spending their time
  • How attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to differentiate from real human traffic
  • How existing CDN and edge architectures fall short of protecting your web applications
  • Why going beyond the edge, and into the browser, is the only way to prevent sophisticated attacks

Hear from Mitch on how Instart is the only platform to combine an intelligent cloud service with a browser virtualization layer for complete visibility and protection against both application threats as well as emerging threats.


Mitch Parker

Customer Officer, Instart

Mitch is the Chief Customer Officer at Instart, where he is responsible for product strategy and customer service delivery. Instart's mission is to help brands deliver amazing web experiences through continuous insights and AI-driven optimizations. Mitch is a technology industry veteran, playing leadership roles in software, consulting, tech services, and product development. In his 15 years at Citrix, he led the effort to introduce innovative new services offerings, incubate new product offerings, and launch new cloud-delivered products. He has also been an entrepreneur and founder, launching a web and mobile-tech startup. Mitch is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with an MBA and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Amy DeMartine

VP, Research Director, Forrester Research

Amy helps security and risk professionals transform their current software and application security practices to support continuous delivery and improvement, focusing on strong partnerships with application development, operations, and business teams. Her research covers topics such as proactive security design, security testing in the software delivery life cycle, protection of applications in production environments, and remediation of hardware and software flaws. Amy holds a master's degree in telecommunications and a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Colorado.