Live webinar

In 3 steps, how Magecart attackers infect your website

“IT leaders love when their customer’s credit card details get skimmed”
Said no one ever

Online data and credit card skimming attacks, like the Magecart British Airways breach, are becoming increasingly common on eCommerce websites and web applications around the world. Why? Because Magecart and other card skimming attacks are hard to detect and are successful at gaining access to customer information. Every attack is different, but there are common trends these hackers are exploiting.

Join Instart’s VP of Product, Karen Wong, to discuss the three steps Magecart attackers take when infecting your website.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Magecart attacks are hard to defend
  • Why existing security tools are not sufficient
  • The best defense against Magecart skimming attacks
  • How Instart helps protect against Magecart attacks
Karen Wong

VP of Product, Instart