Live webinar

How to prevent third-party JavaScript from compromising website security

“IT leaders love Magecart attacks” Said no one ever

The web today is full of third-party JavaScript that websites use for retargeting, ads, analytics, or advanced or customized functionality. But while third-party JavaScript can help businesses deliver the more personalized web experiences that customers expect, they can also impact the security and reliability of web apps.

Join Instart’s Sr. Technologist, Andy Wyatt, and Director of Customer Success, Bob Fornesi, to discuss how third-party JavaScript can introduce vulnerabilities to your web app.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The most common problems associated with using third-party JavaScript
  • Supply chain attack vectors and how to prevent them
  • Why your existing security tools don’t necessarily help
  • How Instart helps protect websites from third-party vulnerabilities
Andy Wyatt

Sr. Technologist, Instart

Bob Fornesi

Director of Customer Success, Instart