On-demand webinar

Preventing Magecart — stopping the exfiltration of sensitive data from the browser

Magecart attacks, orchestrated by sophisticated hacker groups specializing in skimming credit card details from unprotected forms, show no signs of slowing down. Are you prepared to protect your website and keep your customers’ data safe?

Today’s modern websites rely on many third-party cloud services and external code libraries to provide advanced functionality, such as personalization, optimization, and chat to deliver an improved consumer experience. In fact, 50% of the average website consists of code that comes from a third-party.

While leveraging third-party services provides consumers with better website experiences, it unfortunately leaves you at risk if they are compromised. A vulnerability anywhere is a vulnerability everywhere.

Regardless of how Magecart infects your website, preventing credit card skimming and minimizing the risk of browser attacks is the only way to truly keep customer information safe.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How Magecart operates and why their methods are notably different to traditional breaches
  • Why Magecart vulnerabilities are impossible to solve with the current security tools and infrastructure you have in place
  • Why preventing data exfiltration from the browser is the only way to fully protect your website and your customers from Magecart


Andy Wyatt

Senior Technologist, Instart