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The Macy’s Magecart madness: highly specific unauthorized code

In October 2019, Macy's found unauthorized suspicious third-party code on their own website. Little did they know a few weeks prior, hackers had managed to insert malicious code into the checkout pages on Macys.com, which then proceeded to collect personal information of customers who used their site. Unfortunately for Macy’s and their customers, this Magecart attack compromised data of every person who purchased something on Macys.com from October 7th to October 15th.

As web skimming attacks like Magecart continue to grow in popularity for hackers, businesses need to take responsibility for customer information they obtain in their web apps and take the appropriate steps to ensure their customers' data is safe.

Join Instart's Sr. Technologist, Andy Wyatt, to learn:

  • What happened during the Macy's breach
  • The key takeaways your business can learn from this breach
  • Why Instart can make a difference in helping you prevent a breach like this
Andy Wyatt

Sr. Technologist, Instart