On-demand webinar

Understanding the 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th- party calls your website makes

How to audit your current website and tags for potential third-party issues

The nature of JavaScript is that all code — both first- and third-party, shares all the same resources, has access to all the same data, and has use of all the same variables.

Third-party services are a great way to add functionality, but it’s crucial to have visibility and control over them to ensure they don’t impact the performance, reliability, or security of your site. Do you worry about the performance and security risks third-party services may pose for your users? Are you struggling with finding and addressing issues due to third-party outages, variable collisions, JavaScript errors, and other third-party service reliability concerns? Have you been reading about the Magecart attacks and wondering how to prevent them?

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Common issues third-party services cause
  • How to audit your website and third-party services for potential issues
  • What can be done when a third-party service causes a performance, reliability or security issue


Andy Wyatt

Senior Technologist, Instart