On-demand webinar

Your modern website needs a modern CDN

Delivering exceptional web experiences today requires a CDN that can go beyond the edge, and actually give you control and optimizations in the browser.

As the web quickly changes, your customers expect more secure and performant web experiences. It’s crucial that your CDN does more than just cache static files and be available all around the world.

The truth is, almost 50% of the requests an average website makes comes from a third party, which means a traditional CDN is only delivering half of your web experience. On top of that, the browser, not the edge, is becoming the point where optimizations and control need to be applied to give every user a great experience with your website.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What makes up a modern website: public cloud, third-party tags, and dynamic content all coming together in the browser
  • Why modern websites need more than just caching and delivery to enable exceptional customer experiences
  • What optimizations and controls you should be looking for in a modern CDN


Andy Wyatt

Senior Technologist, Instart